400 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh hay kèm đáp án (phần 4)

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Để chuẩn bị tốt cho các kỳ thi cuối kỳ, thi vượt cấp hay các kỳ thi học sinh giỏi, các em nên có thời gian ôn luyện kỹ càng. Với dạng bài tập tiếng Anh trắc nghiệm liên quan đến từ vựng tiếng Anh này sẽ phần nào giúp các em ôn lại kiến thức đã học trong suốt thời gian qua.

400 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh hay kèm đáp án (phần 4)

201.You can _______ my surprise when I heard the news.

A.suppose B. think C. imagine D. believe

202.Many of the earliest _____ into the United States established large plantations.

A.exiles B. immigrants C. emigrants D. entrants

203.The judge said that he was ______ by the high standards of performance by the riders.

A.excited B. impressed C. interested D. imposed

204.We paid the shopkeeper _____ cash.

A.in B. on C. by D. with

205.The crowd stared at the giant and the dwarf as if they were _______ monsters.

A.credulous B. incredible C. incredulous D. creditable

206.Tell your brother to come _____ because it’s going rain in a minute or two.

A.indoors B. outdoors C. within D. homewards

207.I cut my finger on a rusty tin and it became badly _______.

A.infected B. affectad C. effected D. diseased

208.Violent programmes on television may have a bad _____ on children.

A.affection B. pressure C. influence D. control

209.he has always gone _____ strange hobbies like collecting bottle-tops and inventing secret codes.

A.into B. by C. in for D. through

210.The local tourist bureau will send you _____ about hotels in the area.

A.knowledge B. information C. news D. notice

211.The businessman proved to be an apparently well-behaved ______ middle-aged man.

A.offensive B. unoffending C. inoffensive D. innocent

212.The us eof plastics for shoes _____ of leather has ruined shoe repairing as a business.

A.although B. as well C. instead D. outside

213.Where do you ______ going for your holidays this year?

A.intend B. expect C. pretend D. guess

214.Now that he has retired, he lives partly on his pension and partly on the _____ on his post office savings account.

A.income B. wages C. salary D. interest

215.Be quiet! It’s rude to ______ people when they are speaking.

A.interfere B. interrupt C. prevent D. introduce

216.During the _____ the audience strolled and chatted in the foyer.

A.gap B. pause C. space D. interval

217.She looked ecery where for her book but ______ had to return home without it.

A.lastly B. at the end C. in the end D. at the last

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218.Sally married _____ the Kennedy family.

A.with B. to C. into D. among

219.The boy’s allergy to dust caused his skin to _______.

A.itch B. rub C. blemish D. flush

220.I’m sorry I’m late, I was held up in a traffic _______.

A.block B. crush C. jam D. group

221.He hit the other boxer so hard that he broke his lower ______.

A.chin B. wrist C. shoulder D. jaw

222.Her mother had asked her to do several ______ before she went out .

A.labours B. works C. travels D. jobs

223.When he makes a _____ by car, he takes his family with him.

A.course B. passage C. voyage D. journey

224.I can’t advise you what to do: you must use your own _______.

A.guesswork B. justice C. judgement D. ideal

225.Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have ______ in the last six months.

A.added B. jumped C. amounted D. gathered

226.You couldn’t ______ any secrets even for an hour in that llttle town.

A.keep B. get C. learn D. hear

227.The police had to _____ the crow ______.

A.keep … to B. keep … under C. keep … back D. keep … on

228.I should like to ______ touch with old friends but I have so little time.

A.be out of B. be in C. keep in D. lose

229.Shut the window and _____ the cold _______.

A.keep … in B. keep … out C. keep … down D. keep … behind

230.You can _____ your shorthand ability by taking notes in shorthand during lectures.

A.keep on B. keep in C. keep up D. keep back

231.It was after dark when the two childeren were both _____ on the safecrossing by a lorry.

232.I cannot undo the _____ in this piece of string.

A.bunch B. lock C. knot D. tie

233.______ of money prevented us from taking a holiday this year.

A.Limit B. Freeze C. Emptiness D. Lack

234.It was the longest film I’ve ever seen; it ______ four hours.

A.ended B. finished C. lasted D. stayed

235.It is time to ______ the table for dinner.

A.place B. lay C. lay out D. put out

236.After driving for five hours, the driver pulled into ______ for a rest.

A.a bypass B. a flyover C. a lay-by D. a roundabout

237.The guide is ______ a line of tourists through the uarrow passage with the help of his torch.

A.conducting B. bringing C. leading D. guiding

238.She tried to ______ out of the window to see the procession more clearly.

A.bend B. curve C. bow D. lean

239.She came to England for a year in order to ______ the language.

A.know B. become C. refresh D. learn

240.I’m sorry but what he thinks is not of the _____ importance to me.

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A.merest B. lowest C. worst D. least

241.Are you going to attend Dr Barker’s ______ on “Brain Electronics” tomorrow?

A.conference B. lecture C. meeting D. discussion

242.If the boy had ______ the dog alone it wouldn’t have bitten him.

A.set B. left C. put D. had

243.Peter begged his neighbour to ______ him five pounds until the weekend.

A.lend B. supply C. provide D. hivre

244.he offered to ______ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.

A.lend B. show C. loan D. borrow

245.You should have your eyes tested every year in case the _____ of your spectacles need changing.

A.glasses B. panes C. lenses D. prisms

246.A long line of traffic had to wait at the _____ until the train had passed.

A.drawbridge B. junction C. level crossing D. subway

247.There is a 20 minute parking _____ here, so we must get back to the car very quickly.

A.freedom B. limit C. allowance D. ability

248.As he had no friends or relatives in the town, the traveller tried to find a _______ somewhere.

A.lodge B. landing C. lodging D. stay

249.The police must now ______ escaped convict in the surrounding counties.

A.search B. look for C. look after D. investigate

250.The children played in the park while their mother _______.

A.looked at B. looked on C. looked over D. looked round

251.If you want to telephone him you will have to ______ the number in the book.

A.look at B. look through C. look up D. look after

252.Young children ______ older ones, so older children should be good examples.

A.look down upon B. look up to C. look after D. look for

253.Will you ______ my essay, please, to find out whether made any mistakes?

A.see through B. look through C. look up D. look into

254.One of the tigers has got ______ . Warn everyone of the danger!

A.lose B. loose C. loosened D. lost

255.Because the children keep interrupting her whenever she reads a book, she is always ________ her place.

A.loosing B. missing C. losing D. slipping

256.The workers went on strike because they thought their wages were too _________.

A.little B. few C. low D. small

257.Things went well for him during his early life but in middle age his ______ seemed to change.

A.chance B. luck C. affair D. event

258.I bumped my head on the doorpost and now a _____ has come up.

A.knob B. lump C. pimple D. bubble

259.Excessive smoking is liable to cause ______ cancer.

A.chest B. lung C. heart D. rib

260.With its expensive furniture and carefully-chosen colour scheme the room looked quite _______ .

A.luxurious B. luxury C. convenient D. homely

261.If you don’t mind, I should like to ______ a suggestion.

A.make B. show C. reach D. place

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262.He asked an artist to ______ some drawings to illustrate what he had written.

A.show B. make C. paint D. describe

263.That doctor’s writing is quite indecipherable. I can’t _______ what he’s written.

A.make up B. make over C. make off D. make out

264.After a lot of difficulty, he _____ to open the door.

A.managed B. succeeded C. obtained D. gained

265.Her shoes ______ her gloves; they look very well together.

A.suit B. match C. fit D. compare

266.The next ______ of the committee will take place on Thursday.

A.seating B. collection C. meeting D. gathering

267.She heated the chocolate until it ______ , then poured it over the cake.

A.changed B. melted C. floated D. flooded

268.What he described as a ______ detail I thought was the most important part of the plan.

A.common B. plain C. mere D. flat

269.The workmen made so much ______ that Mr. walker had to spend three days cleaning up afterwards.

A.damage B. mess C. nuisance D. destruction

270.Unless the workers’ demands are ______ soon there will be a strike.

A.met B. paid C. permitted D. replied

271.Apart from those three very cold weeks in January, it has been a very _____ winter.

A.plain B. soft C. mild D. calm

272.Why are you always so ______ ? You never smile or look cheerful.

A.angry B. sorry C. unfortunate D. miserable

273.As he was ill, he had to ______ the party.

A.miss B. avoid C. regret D. lack

274.The castle was surrounded by a _______, which nowadays contained only occasional rainwater.

A.hedge B. fence C. dyke D. moat

275.His _______ of the aeroplane was correct in every detail and could really fly.

A.pattern B. design C. plan D. model

276.The farmer had to wear heavy boots in the winter because the fields were so wet and _______.

A.earthy B. dusty C. greasy D. muddy

277.The boy had a _____ escape when he ran across the road in front of the bus.

A.close B. narrow C. fine D. short

278.Spanish is the ______ language of most Spaniards.

A.mother B. home C. native D. natural

279.Children _______ good food if they are to be healthy.

A.have B. receive C. need D. desire

280.His landlady gave him a week’s ______ to leave the flat.

A.threat B. notice C. cause D. dismissal

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