Bài đánh giá năng lực tiếng Anh lớp 8 số 4

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Tiếp tục series giới thiệu các bài đánh giá năng lực tiếng Anh dành cho học sinh lớp 8 giúp các em tự luyện tập và học tiếng Anh tại nhà hiệu quả nhất.

Bài đánh giá năng lực tiếng Anh lớp 8 số 4

Để biết trình độ tiếng Anh của mình đến đâu, nắm được các kiến thức cơ bản đã học hay chưa, các bạn có thể làm các bài đánh giá năng lực hoặc đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 8. Những dạng đề thi và bài tập này bám sát kiến thức cơ bản trong sách giáo khoa và tổng hợp lại kiến thức đã học một cách hệ thống nhất.

I.Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1.chess / ever / hardly / plays / Sheila                  ____________________________

2.bowling / goes / My / often / on / sister / Tuesday__________________

3.dancing / every / Friday / go / usually / We _____________________

4.always / at / darts / play / the / They / weekend ______________

5.father / goes / My / never / shopping                          _______________

6.a / buy / every / I / morning / newspaper________________________

II.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words below (adjective or adverb).

early   easy   good   clear   late   careful   hard   fast

1.He gets a lot of money because he works very ___________.

2.He’s in drama school, but he doesn’t act very _________.

3.We like cycling downhill because we can go really ___________.

4.It’s a big city, so it’s ________ to get lost.

5.Please speak ________, so I can understand you!

6.Let’s take a taxi! I don’t want to be ______.

7.He gets up _________ because he starts work at 6 a.m.

8.This road is dangerous. Please drive ________!

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III.Rewrite the sentences and questions. Correct the mistakes.

1.Dad can’t drawing very well!                   ____________________________

2.Tim can to sing very beautifully.             ____________________________

3.We don’t can go dancing this weekend.   ____________________________

4.You can do swim 10 km?                        ____________________________

5.Ana can to play the guitar                       ____________________________

6.Jim no can prepare dinner today. ____________________________

IV.Complete the sentences with the words below.

athletics   chess   jogging   fashion   photography   basketball   ice skating

1.I go to the _______ club at school. We take excellent photos there.

2.It’s winter and it’s really cold. Let’s go _______!

3._______ players are usually very tall.

4.We often go _______ in the park in the evening. It helps us sleep better.

5.Mary is interested in _______ and she always wears nice clothes.

6.I love doing _______– running and jumping are my favourite sports.

7.When we are at home, my father and I often play _______ in the evenings.

V.Complete the sentences with the words below.

hit   run   swim   climb   fall   jump   fly

1.I can’t ______ trees because I don’t like high places!

2.In football you can’t ______ the ball with your hands.

3.Be careful! Don’t ______ off your bike!

4.Don’t ______ into the sea. It’s very cold!

5.His cousin can ______ a plane!

6.I can’t ______ well, so I don’t usually go to the pool.

7.My brother can’t ______ fast. He’s got short legs!

VI.Complete the dialogue with the words below.

brilliant   favourite   interested   kind   prefer   stand

A:Are you 1____________ in fashion?

B:No, I can’t 2___________ it! Don’t talk to me about fashion!

A:Oh, really? I think it’s 3____________! I love the clothes and the styles!

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B:Well, I 4_____________ dancing, because I like the exercise.

A:What 5___________ of dancing?

B:Salsa, tango, samba.

A:Who’s your 6____________ dancer?

B:My girlfriend! Come and see us at the dance club!

VII.Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.

compete   crowd   fan   goal   head  loudly   match   regularly   shoulders   team   train

1.I’m a big _________ of tennis. I _________ watch it on TV.

2.When cheerleaders _________ in a competition, they sometimes stand on another cheerleader’s _________!

3.Our school’s rugby _________ usually _________ very hard before a big game.

4.Footballers often use their _________ to score a _________ in a football game.

5.We always cheer _________ when our hockey wins a _________.

VIII. Read the text.

Interviewer: Dr Watson! Just how important is sport for teenagers?

Dr Watson: 1_________________ It’s no good just spending two or three hours a day playing video games. You can’t be fit and healthy if you hardly ever do exercise. Three or four hours a week is OK. Different sports exercise different parts of the body. For example, swimming is excellent for your arms and shoulders. 2_________________ Then, there are team sports, where you need to use special skills to play well. Team sports can also help you work more easily with other people – and this is important when you want a job.

Interviewer: 3_________________

Dr Watson: These are not a very good idea, because they can be quite dangerous. You need special protection like a helmet for your head, pads for your knees and elbows. It’s always a good idea to work with a trainer, who can help when you have problems.

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Interviewer: 4_________________

Dr Watson: Things like board games or bowling can also be very good for you. They don’t give you much physical exercise, of course, but they are important mental exercise. And they are often good fun too. 5_________________ Oh, and finally, I would also recommend listening to or playing music. It’s important to work with both mind and body, and music can do that very well!

Match the sentences A–E with the gaps 1–5 in the text.

A.Cycling, on the other hand, is good for your legs and knees.

B.What about other activities?

C.Well, all young people need physical exercise.

D.What about extreme sports?

E.You meet lots of different people and you enjoy life more.

Luyện tập bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 thường xuyên cũng là cách học giúp các em học sinh tự ôn luyện kiến thức tại nhà. Các em có thể tham khảo để nâng cao trình độ tiếng Anh của mình nhé.

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