Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh về thì

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Các thì tiếng Anh có nhiều dạng nhưng có nhiều dạng thì chúng ta ít sử dụng. Việc học ngữ pháp tiếng Anh về thì chúng ta cần thực hành nhiều qua những dạng bài tập tiếng Anh. Những bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh về thì sau đây thích hợp với tất cả các em học sinh cũng như những người học tiếng Anh. Những nội dung sau đây cũng sẽ thích hợp với các em học tiếng Anh trình độ trung học phổ thông mà cụ thể ở đây là học sinh học tiếng Anh lớp 10, lớp 11, lớp 12.

Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh về thì

Những dạng bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh này không quá khó và việc các bạn cần nắm được cách sử dụng đúng của các thì tiếng Anh thì làm bài tập là một trong những điều quan trọng nhất.

Những bài tập tiếng Anh về thì sau đây kèm theo đáp án sẽ giúp các bạn có thể so sánh kết quả học dễ dàng hơn:

EXERCISE 1: Use the correct form of verbs in brackets.

1.In all the world, there (be) __________ only 14 mountains that (reach) __________above 8,000 meters.

2.He sometimes (come) __________ to see his parents.

3.When I (come) __________, she (leave) __________for Dalat ten minutes ago.

4.My grandfather never (fly) __________ in an airplane, and he has no intention of ever doing so.

5.We just (decide) __________ that we (undertake) ____________ the job.

6.He told me that he (take) __________ a trip to California the following week.

7.I knew that this road (be) __________ too narrow.

8.Right now I (attend) __________ class. Yesterday at this time I (attend) __________class.

9.Tomorrow I’m going to leave for home. When I (arrive) __________at the airport, Mary (wait) __________ for me.

10.Margaret was born in 1950. By last year, she (live) __________on this earth for 55 years .

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11.The traffic was very heavy. By the time I (get) __________to Mary’s party, everyone already (arrive) __________

12.I will graduate in June. I (see) __________ you in July. By the time I (see) __________ you , I (graduate) __________.

13.I (visit) __________ my uncle’s home regularly when I (be) __________ a child.

14.That book (be) __________ on the table for weeks. You (not read) __________ it yet ?

15.David (wash) __________ his hands. He just (repair) __________ the TV set.

16.You (be) __________here before? Yes, I (spend) __________ my holidays here last year.

17.We never (meet) __________ him. We don’t know what he (look) __________ like.

18.The car (be) __________ ready for him by the time he (come) __________tomorrow.

19.On arriving at home I (find) __________that she just (leave) __________a few minutes before.

20.When we (arrive) __________ in London tonight, it probably (rain) __________.

21.It (rain) __________ hard. We can’t do anything until it (stop) __________

22.Last night we (watch) __________TV when the power (fail) __________.

23.That evening we (stay) __________up to talk about the town where he (live) __________for some years.

24.I (sit) __________down for a rest while the shoes (repair) __________.

25.Half way to the office Paul (turn) __________round and (go) __________back home because he (forget) __________to turn the gas off.

26.London (change) __________a lot since we first (come) __________ to live here.

27.While we (talk) __________on the phone the children (start) __________fighting and (break) __________a window

28.He used to talk to us for hours about all the interesting things he (do) __________ in his life.

29.You know she (stand) __________looking at that picture for the last twenty minutes.

30.I (spend) __________ a lot of time travelling since I (get) __________this new job.

31.When we (be) __________ at school we all (study) __________Latin.

32.When I (meet) __________ him , he (work) __________as a waiter for a year.

33.After he (finish) __________ breakfast he (sit) __________down to write some letters.

34.She (have) __________a hard life, but she’s always smiling.

35.I think Jim (be) __________ out of town.

EXERCISE 4: Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same meaning as the given one.

1.Eight years ago we started writing to each other.

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A.We have rarely written to each other for eight years.

B.Eight years is a long time for us to write to each other.

C.We wrote to each other eight years ago.

D.We have been writing to each other for eight years.

2.The boy was so lazy that he couldn’t stay up late to learn his lessons.

A.The boy was lazy enough not to stay up late to learn his lessons.

B.The boy was too lazy to stay up late to learn his lessons.

C.The boy was lazy enough but he stayed up late to learn his lessons.

D.The boy was lazy enough to stay up late to learn his lessons.

3.My father is tired of seeing any violent films.

A.My father hasn’t seen a violent film.

B.My father has enjoyed all the violent films he has ever seen.

C.My father is worried about missing the next violent film.

D.My father never wants to see another violent film.

4.As soon as he waved his hand, she turned away.

A.He saw her turn away and he waved his hand.

B.No sooner had he waved his hand than she turned away.

C.She turned away because he waved his hand too early.

D.Although she turned away, he waved his hand.

5.John wishes he had remembered to send Mary a Christmas card.

A.John regrets not to send Mary a Christmas card.

B.John regrets forgetting not to send Mary a Christmas card.

C.John regrets not remembering sending Mary a Christmas card.

D.John regrets forgetting to send Mary a Christmas card.

6.My father hasn’t smoked cigarettes for a month.

A.It’s a month since my father last smoked cigarettes.

B.It’s a month ago that my father smoked cigarettes.

C.It’s a month that my father hasn’t smoked cigarettes.

D.It’s a cigarette that my father smoked a month ago.

7.Having finished their work, the workers expected to be paid.

A.The workers expected to be paid because they had finished their work.

B.Having their work finishing, the workers expected to be paid.

C.Having expected to be paid, the workers finished their work.

D.Having been finished their work, the workers expected to be paid.

8.Mr. Brown bought this car five years ago.

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A.Mr. Brown started to buy this car for five years.

B.It has been five years when Mr. Brown has bought this car.

C.Mr. Brown has had this car for five years .

D.It is five years ago since Mr. Brown has bought this car.

9.John used to write home once a week when he was abroad.

A.John doesn’t write home once a week any longer.

B.John enjoyed being written home every week when he was abroad.

C.John never forgot to write a weekly letter home when he was abroad.

D.When he was abroad he remembered to write home every week.

10.I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years.

A.It’s years since I enjoyed myself so much.

B.It’s years since I have enjoyed myself so much.

C.It was years since I had enjoyed myself so much.

D.It has been years since I have enjoyed myself so much.

Đáp án:

Exercise 1:

1.are – reach


3.came – had left

4.has never flown

5.have just decided -would undertake

6.would take


8.am attending – was attending

9.arrive -will be waiting

10.had lived

11.got- had already arrived

12.will see – see – will have graduated

13.visited -was

14.has been – haven’t you read

15.is washing – has just repaired

16.Have you been – spent

17.have never met – looks

18.will have been- comes

19.found – had just left

20.arrive – will probably be raining

21.is raining – stops

22.were watching – failed

23.stayed – had lived

24.sat – were being repaired

25.turned – went – had forgotten

26.has changed – came

27.were talking – started – broke

28.had done

29.has been standing

30.have spent – got

31.were – studied

32.met – had been working

33.had finished – sat


35.has been

Những bài tập tiếng Anh chương trình trung học phổ thông nói chung và các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh về thì cho chương trình học trung học phổ thông sẽ được chúng tôi tiếp tục cập nhật trong những nội dung tiếp theo. Các bạn hãy chú ý theo dõi để có được những bài tập luyện kỹ năng tiếng Anh cần thiết cho quá trình luyện tập của mình nhé!

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