Bài tập về cách sử dụng used to và get used to

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Trong tiếng Anh có nhiều cụm từ dùng để diễn tả thói quen như used to và get used to. Tuy nhiên mỗi cụm từ lại có cách sử dụng khác nhau. Sau đây là bài tập về cách sử dụng used to và get used to mà bạn có thể tham khảo.

Cách sử dụng used to và get used to trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập về cách sử dụng used to và get used to

Ex1:Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.

1.Astronauts_____ in their spaceship, but they frequently work outside now.

A.were used to stay                          B. used to stay

C.were staying                                 D. had used to stay

2.People _____ that the earth is round before.

A.were not used to believe                B. used to believing

C.would not use to believe                D. did not use to believe

3.Tuberculosis_____ incurable before.

A.use to be thought                          B. used to be thought

C.used to think                                D. use to think

4.Formerly babies_____ of whooping cough.

A.have died        B. used to die         C. would die      D. both B and C

5.These city girls are used_____ in the field.

A.to work           B. used to lie          C. would like      D. to working

6.Newton_____ scientific books when a boy.

A.used to read    B. has read            C. had read        D. had been reading

7.I am sorry I am not_____ fast.

A.used to drive    B. used to driving   C. use to drive     D. use to driving

8.Frank used to work in a small shop. He_____

A.doesn’t any more                          B. still does

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C.is now                                          D. had never done anything else

9.Roy Trenton used to work in a small shop. He _____

A.is driving it                                    B. doesn’t drive it any more

C.likes it                                          D. didn’t like it

10.Roy Trenton use to drive a taxi. This means he_____

A.use to lie         B. used live            C. used to living    D. used to live

11.I_____ in Jakarta. I’ve lived here all my life.

A.am used to living                           B. used to living

C.use to live                                     D. am used to live

12.Jane_____ for the telephone company, but now she has a job at the post office.

A.used to working                            B. used to work

C.is used to working                        D. am used to work

13.This work doesn’t bother me. I _____ hard. I’ve worked hard all my life.

A.used to working                           B. used to work

C.am used to working                     D. am used to work

14.Dick_____ a moustache, but he doesn’t any more. He shaved it off because his wife didn’t like it.

A.used to having                             B. is used to having

C.was used to having                      D. used to have

15.When I was a child, I _____ anyone 40 was old.

A.used to think                               B. was used to thinking

C.used to thinking                           D. was used to think

Mỗi cụm từ có cách sử dụng khác nhau

Ex2: For each sentence, choose a variety of “used to”, “be used to” or “get used to”. Use the verb in the brackets to make the sentence. Don’t use any contractions.

1.European drivers find it difficult to _______________________ (drive) on the left when they visit Britain.

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2.See that building there? I _______________________ (go) to school there, but now it’s a factory.

3.I’ve only been at this company a couple of months. I _______________________ (still not) how they do things round here.

4.When I first arrived in this neighbourhood, I _______________________ (live) in a house. I had always lived in apartment buildings.

5.Working till 10pm isn’t a problem. I _______________________ (finish) late. I did it in my last job too.

6.I can’t believe they are going to build an airport just two miles from our new house! I will _______________________ (never) all that noise! What a nightmare.

7.His father _______________________ (smoke) twenty cigars a day – now he doesn’t smoke at all!

8.Whenever all my friends went to discos, I _______________________ (never go) with them, but now I enjoy it.

9.I _______________________ (drive) as I have had my driving licence almost a year now.

When Max went to live in Italy, he _______________________ (live) there very quickly. He’s a very open minded person.

Đáp án























Question 1: get used to driving.

Question 2: used to go.

Question 3: am still not used to.

Question 4: used to live.

Question 5: am used to finishing.

Question 6: never get used to.

Question 7: used to smoke.

Question 8: never used to go.

Question 9: am used to driving.

Question 10: got used to living.

Bài tập về cách sử dụng used to và get used to kèm đáp án hi vọng sẽ giúp bạn ghi nhớ cách sử dụng của hai cụm từ quen thuộc này và tránh sự nhầm lẫn trong giao tiếp hàng ngày.

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