400 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh hay kèm đáp án (phần 6)

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Chắc chắn đến bài viết này các em đã có thêm nhiều tại liệu luyện từ vựng tiếng Anh cũng như kinh nghiệm làm các dạng bài tập này. Những câu hỏi về dạng bài tập tiếng Anh về từ vựng sẽ được giới thiệu trong bài viết dưới đây.

400 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh hay kèm đáp án (phần 6)

341.Only thoroughly unpleasant people leave the ______ of their picnics to spoil the appearance of the countryside.

A.remainder B. rest C. remains D. remnants

  1. He won’t ______ to buy some bread unless I tell him again.

A.remind B. realize C. remember D. forget

343.I forgot to _____ him to buy some bread.

A.remember B. repeat C. remind D. make

344.The policeman ______ everything he had noticed to the inspector.

A.reviewed B. accounted C. reported D. informed

345.A ______ from the local paper asked for details of the accident.

A.newsagent B. reporter C. typewriter D. broadcaster

346.He put in a special ______ for an extra day’s holiday so that he could attend his daughter’s wedding.

A.request B. question C. enquiry D. proposal

347.He looked for a table to sit down at, but they were all _____.

A.reserved B. engaged C. used up D. filled in

348.Normally he is rather _____ but sometimes he talks freely about himself.

A.sociable B. reserved C. ignorant D. peaceful

349.The neighbours do not consider him quite _____ as most evenings he awakens them with his drunken singing.

A.respectful B. respected C. respectable D. respective

350.He ate what he could, and gave the _____ of the food to the birds.

A.remain B. uneaten C. waste D. rest

351.This theory ______ from the work of certain early 20th century scientists.

A.resists B. raises C. insults D. results

352.I bought a single ticket only on the bus, but my friend bought a _____ one.

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A.double B. second C. return D. cheaper

353.His _____ for his loyal support for the party was a seat in the Cabinet.

A.repayment B. compensation C. prize D. reward

354.The bank ______ planned to escape in a stolen car.

A.thieves B. burglars C. robbers D. kidnappers

355.Walking down the street, she noticed a long _____ of houses all exactly alike.

A.queue B. rank C. tail D. row

356.these figures give a rough guide to the cost of your car.

A.controlling B. handling C. managing D. running

357.The children, who were impatient to swim in the sea, ______ down the beach towards the water.

A.crashed B. travelled C. rushed D. swam

358.He has to arrange for the ______ of his furniture before he goes abroad.

A.sale B. sole C. seal D. sail

359.Every time he tried to start the car, the wheels ______ deeper into the mud.

A.stayed B. hollowed C. dropped D. sank

  1. It will _____ time if we make the sandwiches the day before the picnic.

A.earn B. spare C. win D. save

361.You will _____ your hand if you put it into that hot water.

A.scorch B. scald C. cook D. bake

362.The map was drawn to the standard ______ of 1/100,000, so there was not much detail.

A.route B. line C. rate D. scale

363.He left in such a hurry that I ______ had time to thank him.

A.even B. nearly C. scarcely D. least .

364.Paper clips, drawing pins and safety-pins were ____ all over the floor.

A.scattered B. sprinkled C. sprayed D. separated

365.Switzerland is well-known for its impressive mountainous _____.

A.views B. scenes C. scenery D. sights

366.The child was _____ for getting his shoes and socks wet.

A.contorlled B. suffered C. scolded D. complained

367.If you make a cat angry it may _____ you.

A.tear B. beat C. scratch D. spit

368.Whenever anything ______ happens, a crowd of people is certain to gather.

A.famous B. sensational C. well-known D. emotional

369.I have such a bad cold that I have lost all ______ of smell.

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A.degree B. sense C. strength D. scent

370.The thief was _____ to prison for two years.

A.brought B. sent C. taken D. judged

371.The two dogs started to fight, so we tried to ______ them.

A.split B. separate C. divide D. distinguish

372.Two of the children have to sleep in one bed, but the other three have ______ ones.

A.complete B. singular C. separate D. lonely

373.Throughout his childhood, he suffered from ______ illnesses.

A.important B. serious C. solemn D. strong

374.He began to take politics _____ only when he left school.

A.gravely B. seriously C. solemnly D. strictly

375.Before the boat could reach shore, a storm had _____ .

A.set up B. set upon C. set in D. set out

376.I wandered through the cool ______ of the forest trees.

A.shadow B. dark C. shade D. obscurity

377.In ______ the room resembles the letter L.

A.form B. shape C. pattern D. figure

378.I could see the cat’s eyes _____ in the dark.

A.lighting B. blinding C. beaming D. shining

379.Mr Walker’s new _____ fitted so badly across the shoulders that he took it back to the shop to complain.

A.skirt B. shirt C . sheet D. blouse

380.When the chief announced his decision, the second man _____ his head in disagreement.

381.The _____ of the lake is covered with reeds and rushes.

A.beach B. coast C. shore D. bank

382.As it had not rained for several months, there was a _____ of water.

A.waste B. shortage C. loss D. desert

383.His decision to invest in land in the developing holiday resort was a _____ one.

A.cunning B. sly C. crafty D. shrewd

384.With a _____ of thankfulness he finished the last of his letters.

A.sigh B. shudder C. gasp D. groan

385.When you get to the motorway, follow the _____ for London.

A.masks B. points C. signs D. plans

386.He sends his _____ wishes for your future happiness.

A.honest B. deepest C. sincere D. many

387.When he applied for a _____ in the office of the local newspaper, he was told to see the manager.

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A.work B. situation C. duty D. wage

388.The medical students were studying the ____ and learning the names of all the bones in the body.

A.skull B. skeleton C. chassis D. physique

389.The road was so icy, the drivers had trouble stopping their cars from ______.

A.skating B. gliding C. skidding D. sliding

390.The mother separated the quarrelling children and gave each of them a sharp ______.

A.punch B. scratch C. poke D. slap

391.She ______ her hand over the material, enjoying the smooth silky feeling of its surface.

A.glided B. slid C. slipped D. skidded

392.I’m not really ill, but I have a _____ headache.

A.pale B. temporary C. delicate D. slight

393.The _____ of the hill made it a very popular place for skiing.

A.slope B. flow C. level D. climb

394.The ______ from the forest fire could be seen ten miles away.

A.mist B. smell C. steam D. smoke

395.The gangster ____ at his helpless victim and put a cigarette just out of reach.

A.giggled B. grinned C. chuckled D. sneered

396.She studies many magazines and books about fashion, entertaining and correct social behaviour as she wants to appear ______.

A.fashionable B. sophisticated C. elegant D. artificial

397.When I bend down to tie my shoelace, the seat of my trousers ______.

A.broke B. split C. cracked D. snapped

398.All too ______ it was time to go back to school after the glorious summer holidays.

A.fast B. soon C. late D. little

399.After dinner the minister made a short ______ to the guests.

A.delivery B. pronunciation C. conversation D. speech

400.After his journey, Gerard hoped to find an inn in which to ______ the night.

A.shelter B. waste C. lose D. spend

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