200 câu bài tập trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh (phần 2)

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Tiếp tục giới thiệu tới các bạn 100 câu bài tập trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh còn lại kèm đáp án cụ thể hi vọng sẽ giúp bạn học từ vựng tiếng Anh tốt hơn.

Luyện tập từ vựng tiếng Anh mỗi ngày

Bài tập trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh

101.If you have a to make about the food, I am willing to listen.

A.dislike B. trouble C. complaint D. discontent

102.He said he had every in his secretary; she would do the right thing.

A.belief B. dependence C. knowledge D. confidence

103.She was afraid that unless the train speeded up sle would lose lose her to Scotland.

A.ticket B. seat C. carriage D. connection

104.Tom was a highly teacher who took his duties seriously but he had neither the personality nor ability to achieve much success.

A.conscientious B. efficient C. capable D. talented

105.I was not that I had cut myself until I saw the blood all over my hand .

A.familiar B. awake C. astonished D. conscious

106.She has lost her handbag with the sum of $1300 in it.

A.extraordinary B. considerable C. valuable D. worthwhile

107.I have always you my best friend.

A.regarded B. considered C. trusted D. hoped

108.She opened the packet and emptied the into a saucepan.

A.fullness B. container C. refills D. contents

109.The road lay ahead of him, a(n) grey line stretching to the horizon.

A.continual B. constant C. eternal D. continuous

110.In the capitalist countries, the rising of living is as hard on country families as on city families.

A.amount B. cost C. expense D. price

111.There was a of parchment as the solicitor unrolled the will written on it.

A.rattle B. crackle C. creak D. clink

112.They lay almost flat and through the tubelike underground passage.

A.crouched B. crawled C. glided D. scrambled

113.You should iron out the in that dress.

A.creases B. pleats C. folds D. wrinkles

114.A narrow road the stream to the other side of the park.

A.joins B. crosses C. unites D. jumps

115.After a tiring by boat, we reached the island.

A.course B. crossing C. sail D. motion

116.Her skirt had been so in packing that she had to iron it before going out.

A.faded B. torn C. dirty D. crushed

117.If I take this medicine twice a day, it should my cold.

A.heal B. cure C. restore D. recover

118.The new car at the motor-show was a very shape.

A.curious B. formal C. large D. broad

119.The headlights of the approaching car were so that the cyclist had to stop riding.

A.gleaming B. dazzling C. blazing D. glittering

120.People who live in a small village are bound to see a good of each other.

A.quantity B. deal C. amount D. degree

121.When he was questioned about the missing ring, he firmly that he had even seen it.

A.defied B. accused C. refused D. denied

122.When the other car hit mine, it made a huge in my rear bumper.

A.hollow B. depression C. mark D. dent

123.On Sunday the business centre of the city was usually quite .

A.deserted B. unpopular C. unattended D. alone

124.Ann is so to succeed that I am sure nothing will stop her.

A.determined B. willing C. patient D. obvious

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125.The hall seemed lit after the bright sunshine outside.

A.faintly B. vaguely C. obscurely D. dimly

126.As one of the four of the company, he often had to attend Board meetings.

A.managers B. directors C. headmasters D. governors

127.The rainbow as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds.

A.dissolved B. resigned C. retired D. disappeared

128.She felt very when her husband forgot her birthday.

A.deceived B. deserted C. disappointed D. desperate

129.High interest rates people in capitalist countries from borrowing money.

A.discourage B. decrease C. disgust D. disturb

130.Weeks later he had still not found a job and he began to feel .

A.disappointed B. disengaged C. displaced D. discouraged

131.Some useful ideas were suggested while the social committee was the club’s programme for the coming season.

A.arguing about B. discussing C. quarrelling D. having a debate on

132.The cat showed her for the stale fish by turning her back on it.

A.distress B. disgust C. disgrace D. despair

133.He often forgets to do what he has been told and is scolded for being .

A.insolent B. impertinent C. malicious D. disobedient

134.Please sign your name here on the line.

A.spaced B. dotted C. stopped D. straightened

135.He criticised everything and everybody and even ran his few friends.

A.up B. into C. down D. over

136.When he heard the bad news, he broke completely.

A.away B. in C. down D. out

137.The carriage was by four horses.

A.rolled B. pushed C. driven D. drawn

138.I dislike going to the dentist as he uses the on my teeth.

A.pick B. pin C. probe D. drill

139.There is something wrong with his vocal chords and as a result, he had always been .

A.silent B. dumb C. quiet D. deaf

140.When he beat the carpet, the rose in clouds.

A.dust B. soil C. mud D. powder

141.When I came through the customs at the airport, I had to pay on a clock I had bought.

A.taxes B. duty C. rates D. allowance

142.You won’t find a greater variety of flowers anywhere else on .

A.ground B. earth C. floor D. worlds

143.We couldn’t cut the string because the of the knife was not sharp enough.

A.edging B. edge C. border D. front

144.You can do it if you want to, but in my opinion it’s not worth the it involves.

A.effort B. attempt C. force D. strength

145.An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of .

A.urgency B. pressure C. extremity D. emergency

146.The sun the growth of plants.

A.supplies B. makes C. encourages D. effects

147.When can the students for next year’s evening classes?

A.enroll B. join C. inscribe D. subscribe

148.You must have the examination before Friday, so bring your money to the office as soon as possible.

A.passed B. enrolled for C. sat for D. entered for

149.He knows so much about the stars that I am sure it would be impossible to find his .

A.same B. similar C. equal D. reflection

150.On summer many English men work in their gardens when they come home from work.

A.eves B. evenings C. nights D. periods

Làm bài tập từ vựng tiếng Anh theo chủ đề

151.I him to arrive in time for dinner.

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A.hope for B. attend C. expect D. wait for

152.I sat near the entrance for a long time him, but he didn’t arrive.

A.expecting B. attending C. waiting D. excepting

153.he hoped the appointment would enable him to gain greater in publishing.

A.experience B. work C. jobs D. employment

154.The information-office at the station that all trains were running about one hour behind time.

A.advertised B. decided C. explained D. promised

155.I could tell he was surprised from the on his face.

A.appearance B. shock C. sight D. expression

156.Because the company was doing more business, it was necessary to the factory.

A.extend B. increase C. broaden D. magnify

157.The garden as far as the river.

A.advances B. extends C. develops D. enlarges

158.The plain occupies the west, south and central parts of the continent, though considerable variations are to be found over so an area.

A.expensive B. expansive C. extensive D. defensive

159.Because of the strong sun Mrs. William’s new dining-room curtains from dark blue to grey within a year.

A.faded B. fainted C. paled D. bleached

160.Spies may have a number of names and papers.

A.artificial B. synthetic C. false D. imitation

161.Why can’t you do this small for me? I’ve helped you often enough in the past.

A.demand B. effort C. favour D. influence

162.The charged by the lawyer for his services was unusually high.

A.fee B. fare C. debt D. hire

163.A historical novel is a form of which may include many facts.

A.legend B. fairy-tale C. fantasy D. fiction

164.The gardener a bucket with water so that he could plant the vegetables.

A.filled B. flowed C. stuffed D. piled

165.My petrol tank was empty so I pulled into a garage to .

A.fill up B. top up C. speed up D. blow up

166.when there’s a doubt the examiner’s decision is .

A.final B. definite C. fixed D. certain

167.If present dissatisfaction over salaries continues the result will be loss of staff.

A.lengthy B. near C. final D. far

168.You direct me to the nearest garage? One of my tyres is .

A,compressed B. depressed C. uneven D. flat

169.The children thought that the cream was deliciously and they finished it all.

A.famous B. flavoured C. hungered D. favourable

170.A horse drives the from its body with its tail.

A.wasps B. ants C. flies D. butterflies

171.High in the sky a of birds was flying southward.

A.pack B. swarm C. flock D. crowd

172.I usually listen to the weather , though I have little faith in it.

A.notice B. warning C. announcement D. forecast

173.The children a line, then walked quietly into school.

A.gathered B. stood C. formed D. performed

174.Since his retirement, Peter Smith, who was a teacher, has written four novels.

A.afterwards B. usually C. presently D. formerly

175.With the invention of the train, man could travel overland without the need of horses.

A.voluntarily B. freely C. independently D. readily

176.A strong westerly flattened the standing corn though it brought no rain.

A.gale B. blizzard C. hurricane D. breeze

177.After his prolonged dive in search of the ring he emerged from the water .

A.panting B. under his breath C. gasping for breath D. out of breath

178.As the storm drew nearer, black clouds were over the sky.

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A.wondering B. gathering C. picking D. watering

179.Mr and Mrs Green a party for their daughter’s twenty-first birthday.

A.invited B. formed C. gave D. called

180.The old lady couldn’t because she had rheumatism.

A.get about B. get on C. get through D. get in

181.He does not _ his fellow-workers and there are often disagreements between them.

A.go on with B. put up with C. get on with D. get into touch with

182.If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all right.

A.get off B. come across C. come over D. get over

183.It is not for you to eat too much

A.kind B. good C. well D. useful

184.You should be very to your teachers for their help

A.thankful B. grateful C. considerate D. gracious

185.The peasants’ many resulting from ill-treat-ment by their landlords led finally to rebellion.

A.griefs B. grumbles C. grievances D. complaints

186.They have a future ahead with little comfort, food or hope.

A.grim B. pessimistic C. fierce D. violent

187.The old man got into the of storing money under the bed.

A.tradition B. manner C. harvest D. habit

188.Most things are now mass-produced rather than .

A.hand-made B. by hand C. single D. selected

189.Be careful how you that jug; It will break very easily.

A.pour B. operate C. handle D. employ

190.The of the clock showed that it was time for dinner.

A.hands B. numbers C. fingers D. figures

191.We suddenly saw the bus about to leave and had to run to catch it.

A.hardly B. awkwardly C. hard D. strongly

192.There’s no need to be frightened of the dog; he’s quite .

A.eager B. weak C. cheerful D. harmless

193.This year the farmers were just able to gather the before the fine weather came to an end.

A.collection B. flower C. plant D. harvest

194.It was a long time before the cut on my hand completely.

A.healed B. sank C. improved D. repaired

195.Dearer electricity will mean bills for most families.

A.dear B. expensive C. hard D. heavy

196.When you are riding a bicycle you should the handlebars firmly.

A.handle B. hold C. hand D. control

197.You are not allowed to use the after eleven o’clock at night, as it makes too much noise.

A.signal B. horn C. bell D. alarm

198.Wolves were mournfully in the nearby forest.

A.barking B. snarling C. howling D. growling

199.The lorry driver was badly when his lorry crashed into a wall.

A pained B. hurt C. hit D. damaged

200.All the students were excited at the of a weekend sports competition.

A.intention B. prize C. idea D. view

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