Bài tập tiếng Anh bổ trợ lớp 7 đề số 4

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Bài tập tiếng Anh bổ trợ lớp 7 mang tính hỗ trợ kiến thức cho các em. Qua đó các em có thể ôn luyện kiến thức đã học cũng như chuẩn bị để tiếp thu những kiến thức mới. Bài tập bổ trợ rất quan trọng vì đó là nguồn tài liệu tham khảo quý giá cho các em nếu muốn nâng cao trình độ tiếng Anh cũng như sử dụng ngôn ngữ một cách thành thục.

Luyện bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 7

Bài tập tiếng Anh bổ trợ lớp 7 kèm đáp án

I.Choose the best answers:

1.I don’t want much sugar in my coffee. Just _______, please.

a.little                   b. few                         c. a few                                   d. a little

2.Don’t be late _______ your music lesson.

a.on                       b. for                                       c. at                                         d. to

3.Michael is the __________ member of the team.

a.younger             b. more young                      c. youngest                            d. most young

4.What part of the country are you ______?

a.of                        b. from                                   c. by                                        d. on

5.My brother feels ________ again after his illness.

a.strongly            b. strong                                c. is strong                            d. strength

6.What would you like to drink? – _________________.

a.Thank you        b. Tea, please                        c. Yes, please                         d. No, I don’t.

7.Does it rain __________ in Britain during the summer?

a.every time        b. always                               c. whole                                 d. all the time

8.How do you ______ ? – I’m hot.

a.taste                   b. feel                         c. see                                      d. smell

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9.I don’t go to work __________ Saturdays or Sundays.

a.for                      b. on                                       c. at                                         d. until

10.Let him ______ it himself.

a.do                       b. to do                                   c. doing                                  d. does

11._______ fruit does he produce?

a.How many        b. How often                         c. How long                           d. How much

12.Why do we need more cows?

a.Because I want to produce more milk.       b. Yes, because I want to produce more milk.

c.I want to produce more milk.                       d. Yes, I want to produce more milk.

13.Are they wasting too much water?

a.No,they do                                                        b. They’re wasting too much water

c.They waste too much water              d. Yes, they are

14.Chi is _______ girl in her class.

a.beautiful            b. more beautiful                 c. the most beautiful           d. the beautifullest

II.Each sentence has a mistake. Find the mistakes and correct them

1.I’m the younger person in my family.                                    __________

2.My brother is busyer than I am.                                              __________

3.Mary is taller that her sister.                                                   __________

4.Zhang is from China. She speaks Chinan.                              __________

5.Hanoi have a population  of 2.6 million.                               __________

6.London is smallest than Mexico city.                         __________

7.She’s my friend. She’s from French.                            __________

8.Is your kitchen bigger than my kitchen?                               __________

9.How height is the Petronas Twin Towers?               __________

10.Which season is coldest in your country?                            __________

III.Supply the correct form of these verbs

1.We must (take) _____ an umbrella. It (rain) ________.

2.Where you (be) ________? – I’m upstairs. I (have) _______ a bath.

3.Sometimes I (get) ________ up before the sun (rise) ________.

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4.You (enjoy) ______ yourself or you (like) _______ to leave now?

5.I (enjoy) ______ myself very much. I want (stay) ______ to the end.

6.We (destroy) _______ our environment. Many rare plants and animals (be) ______ in danger.

7.He He (grow) _______ vegetables in his garden next week?

8.His chickens (not/ produce) __________ many eggs.

9.My frend (have) ______ a small rice paddy and he (produce) ______ some rice there.

10.They (build) _________ a new factory soon to recycle old plastic.

IV.Supply the correct form of these adjectives:

1.The country is ________________ the city.                                                            (quiet)

2.Park House has got a ________ garden _________ Rose Cottage.                       (big)

3.Tim has ________ friends ________ Peter.                                                             (few)

4.Phanxipang is ___________ mountain in Vietnam.                                           (high)

5.Lien’s English paper is ______________ of the group.                             (bad)

6.Which is ___________ river in Britain?                                                               (long)

7.Jenifer is ___________ of the two sisters.                                                            (old)

8.Which color do you like _________?                                                                   (good)

9.Are the streets of Paris ____________ the streets of New York?                     (clean)

10.Nam is __________ pupil in our class.                                                                 (funny)

V.Complete these sentences using these word cues:

1.My aunt/ have/ small garden/ and/ grow/ few flowers.


2.world/ need/ more food/ because/ more people.


3.we/ do/ many/ bad things/ environment.


4.when/ not need/ light/ you/ switch/ it.


5.there/ much noise/ many vehicles/ city.


6.he/ farmer / and/ produce/ lot/ rice.


7.population/ world/ grow/ now.


8.what/ should/ we/ do/ help/ environment/?/


9.These/ my/ trees/ they/ produce/ little/ fruit.

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10.You/ should/ damage/ tree/ pick/ flowers.


VI.Find the mistakes and correct them:

1.These trees produces many fruit.                                                                  _________, _________

2.How much eggs does these chickens produce?                                          _________, _________

3.We are wasting too many power and water.                                              _________

4.The cow can produce lot of milk.                                                                  _________

5.You shouldn’t turn off the lights when you don’t need them.     _________

6.Don’t pick flower in the park, please.                                                          _________

7.Whe are the animals on danger?                                                                   _________

8.The population of the world are growing.                                       _________

Với bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 7 bổ trợ đề số 4 trên sẽ giúp các em ôn luyện tiếng Anh tốt hơn. Việc ôn luyện nên tự giác, kiên trì luyện tập. Các bạn có thể học cùng bạn bè, sau khi hoàn thành đề thi thì đối chiếu đáp án và tìm ra lỗi sai thường gặp để từ đó sửa lỗi cho những lần sau.

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