400 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh hay kèm đáp án (phần 2)

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Tiếp tục giới thiệu tới các em các câu bài tập trắc nghiệm về từ vựng tiếng Anh. Đây là dạng bài giúp các em vừa ôn tập lại từ vựng, nâng cao vốn từ và nâng cao trình độ tiếng Anh.

400 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng tiếng Anh hay kèm đáp án (phần 2)

Dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh thông thường sẽ có nhiều đáp án giống nhau đánh đố thí sinh. Trong từng câu hỏi sẽ có nhiều từ có nghĩa giống nhau nhưng cách sử dụng hoàn toàn khác nhau. Vì vậy các em nên lưu ý khi làm các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh này.

61.______ up children properly is mainly their parents’ duty.

A.Rearing B. Breeding C. Raising D. Bringing

62.Several prisoners _______ from their guards and escaped.

A.broke away B. broke out C. broke through D. broke down

63.The specialist was under so much stress that he finally ________.

A.broke off B. broke down C. broke out D. broke in

64.Well-mannered children have usually been properly _____ by their parents.

A.raised up B. borne up C. brought up D. put up

65.The audience waited until the curtain had risen and then _____ into applause.

A.flooded B. cheered C. started D. burst

66.When she heard from the hospital the father had died, she ______ into tears.

A.burst B. exploded C. fell D. melted

67.If you put too many potatoes in that paper-bag it will ______.

A.explode B. crack C. burst D. overcrowd

68.Every day thousands of ______ fly the Atlantic for negotiations with American firms.

A.merchants B. dealers C. businessmen D. tradesmen

69.As there was a power cut in the hospital, the surgeon had to _____ the operation.

A.call for B. call on C. call off D. call out

70.The book ___ two weeks ago.

A.came across B. came by C. came into D. came out

71.The country has a system of ______, most of which date from the nineteenth century.

A.channels B. rivers C. streams D. canals

72.As we wait no longer for the delivery of your order, we have to ______ it.

A.postpone B. refuse C. return D. cancel

73.He’s not ______ of learning German in six months.

A.interested B. inclined C. able D. capable

74.Bill doesn’t _____ what people say about him.

A.care B. matter C. disturb D. depend

75.Do you mind if I ______ with my work while you are getting tea ready?

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A.turn to B. carry out C. come on D. carry on

76.He spoke so quickly that I didn’t ______ what he said.

A.receive B. accept C. listen D. catch

77.The flat we have rented is very _______ for the underground station.

A.convenient B. suitable C. comfortable D. distant

78.It isn’t quite ______ that he will be present at the meeting.

A.right B. exact C. certain D. formal

79.If your bicycle ______ comes off, it is almost impossible te put it back on without getting oil on your hands.

A.ring B. belt C. steel D. chain

80.If you ever have the ______ to go abroad to work, you should take it.

A.possibility B. offer C. chance D. event

81.The fog made it difficult for the driver to see when the traffic lights _____.

A.adjusted B. moved C. changed D. removed

82.How much would you ______ for repairing my watch?

A.charge B. cost C. spend D. demand

83.he was _______ with murder.

A.accused B. charged C. sentenced D. convicted

84.lawyers often make higher _____ for their work than they should.

A.charges B. prices C. costs D. rents

85.The customs officer didn’t bother to _______ our luggage.

A.control B. check C. discover D. glance

86.Some of the older villagers prefer to ______ tobacco rather than to smoke it.

A.munch B. crunch C. chew D. gnaw

87.The autumn air felt _____ so she went to fetch a coat.

A.cool B. chill C. tepid D. chilly

88.I’m afraid you have no _____ but to come along with us.

A.permission B. choice C. selection D. election

89.Her husband felt it would be silly to ______ the colour of the curtains before they had painted the room.

A.change B. find C. choose D. lose

90.The terrified hunter, ______ in the arms of a huge bear, fought desperately to loosen its grip.

A.clutched B. clasped C. grasped D. clinging

91.I shall never manage to beat John at tennis; we are clearly not in the same ______.

A.set B. band C. class D. order

92.The teacher _________ the harder parts of the story.

A.cleared away B. cleared out C. cleared up D. cleared off

93.The sky looks lighter. I think the weather is ______.

A.clearing away B. clearing C. bettering D. clearing up

94.He wrote his name ______ and carefully at the top of the paper.

A.largely B. attentively C. obviously D. clearly

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95.These trees cannot be grown in such a cold ________ as ours.

A.weather B. climate C. season D. space

96.He took a _______ with him to clean the windscreen of his car.

A.garment B. cloth C. clothing D. towel

97.As the fat man sat down, the deck chair ______ under him, with a loud noise of tearing canvas.

A.fell B. fainted C. sank D. collapsed

98.He always wore a shirt with an open ________.

A.colour B. tie C. collar D. tail

99.The presently accepted theory of light _______ some of the ideas of both earlier theories.

A.designs B. composes C. reacts D. combines

100.Very few scientists _______ with completely new answers to the world’s problems.

A.come to B. come round C. come up D. come in

101.If you have a _____ to make about the food, I am willing to listen.

A.dislike B. trouble C. complaint D. discontent

102.He said he had every _____ in his secretary; she would do the right thing.

A.belief B. dependence C. knowledge D. confidence

103.She was afraid that unless the train speeded up sle would lose lose her _____ to Scotland.

A.ticket B. seat C. carriage D. connection

104.Tom was a highly ______ teacher who took his duties seriously but he had neither the personality nor ability to achieve much success.

A.conscientious B. efficient C. capable D. talented

105.I was not ______ that I had cut myself until I saw the blood all over my hand .

A.familiar B. awake C. astonished D. conscious

106.She has lost her handbag with the _____ sum of $1300 in it.

A.extraordinary B. considerable C. valuable D. worthwhile

107.I have always _____ you my best friend.

A.regarded B. considered C. trusted D. hoped

108.She opened the packet and emptied the ______ into a saucepan.

A.fullness B. container C. refills D. contents

109.The road lay ahead of him, a(n) _____ grey line stretching to the horizon.

A.continual B. constant C. eternal D. continuous

110.In the capitalist countries, the rising _______ of living is as hard on country families as on city families.

A.amount B. cost C. expense D. price

111.There was a _______ of parchment as the solicitor unrolled the will written on it.

A.rattle B. crackle C. creak D. clink

112.They lay almost flat and ______ through the tubelike underground passage.

A.crouched B. crawled C. glided D. scrambled

113.You should iron out the ______ in that dress.

A.creases B. pleats C. folds D. wrinkles

114.A narrow road ______ the stream to the other side of the park.

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A.joins B. crosses C. unites D. jumps

115.After a tiring ______ by boat, we reached the island.

A.course B. crossing C. sail D. motion

116.Her skirt had been so ______ in packing that she had to iron it before going out.

A.faded B. torn C. dirty D. crushed

117.If I take this medicine twice a day, it should ______ my cold.

A.heal B. cure C. restore D. recover

118.The new car at the motor-show was a very _______ shape.

A.curious B. formal C. large D. broad

119.The headlights of the approaching car were so ________ that the cyclist had to stop riding.

A.gleaming B. dazzling C. blazing D. glittering

120.People who live in a small village are bound to see a good _____ of each other.

A.quantity B. deal C. amount D. degree

121.When he was questioned about the missing ring, he firmly _____ that he had even seen it.

A.defied B. accused C. refused D. denied

122.When the other car hit mine, it made a huge _______ in my rear bumper.

A.hollow B. depression C. mark D. dent

123.On Sunday the business centre of the city was usually quite _______.

A.deserted B. unpopular C. unattended D. alone

124.Ann is so _______ to succeed that I am sure nothing will stop her.

A.determined B. willing C. patient D. obvious

125.The hall seemed _______ lit after the bright sunshine outside.

A.faintly B. vaguely C. obscurely D. dimly

126.As one of the four ______ of the company, he often had to attend Board meetings.

A.managers B. directors C. headmasters D. governors

127.The rainbow _______ as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds.

A.dissolved B. resigned C. retired D. disappeared

128.She felt very ______ when her husband forgot her birthday.

A.deceived B. deserted C. disappointed D. desperate

129.High interest rates _______ people in capitalist countries from borrowing money.

A.discourage B. decrease C. disgust D. disturb

130.Weeks later he had still not found a job and he began to feel ______ .

A.disappointed B. disengaged C. displaced D. discouraged

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