Bài đọc hiểu dạng true false tiếng Anh lớp 7 unit 12

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Bài tập tiếng Anh dạng đọc hiểu true false trong chương trình mới sách giáo khoa thí điểm lớp 7 unit 12 tập 2 giúp các em nâng cao kỹ năng đọc tiếng Anh mỗi ngày.

Bài đọc hiểu dạng true false tiếng Anh lớp 7 unit 12

Read the conversation, and choose true (T) or false (F).   

Nam: Welcome back, Phuong! Brazil is amazing, isn’t it?

Phuong: It is, Nam, and it’s very diverse!

Nam: What do you mean?

Phuong: The beaches in the south are so peaceful, while cities like Rio are overcrowded.

Nam: What about the people?

Phuong: In Rio some people are wealthy, with high living standards. But there are also poor people who live in slums.

Nam: Life must be difficult in the slums.

Phuong: Yes, the slums are overcrowded, and crime is a major problem there.

Nam: Crime affects everyone in the city, doesn’t it?

Phuong: It does, Nam. But there are probably other problems in the slums too, like disease, and poor healthcare, …

Nam: Wow, did you see that yourself?

Phuong: No, visitors don’t usually visit the slums. It’s too dangerous.

Nam: There are probably fewer things to see and to do in the slums, aren’t there?

Phuong: Yes. However, I love Brazil and I had a very good time there.

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Nam: Sure, it’s a real experience, isn’t it?

Phuong: It is.

1.Phuong thinks Brazil is interesting.

2.Places in Brazil are very dif  erent.

3.Rio’s problems are only in the slums.

4.It is not safe for tourists to visit the slums.

5.Nam thinks Phuong’s visit to Brazil is not worthwhile.


1.T          2. T          3.  F          4. T          5. F

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