Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 unit 2

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Bài tập tiếng Anh tiếp tục giới thiệu tới các em học sinh lớp 11 bài tập unit 2 với các dạng bài khác nhau giúp các em luyện tập và học tiếng Anh tốt hơn.

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 unit 2

Trong Unit 2 này, các em học sinh lớp 11 sẽ được làm quen với các dạng bài như hoàn thành câu với từ đã cho, làm quen với dạng bài verb form và đọc đoạn văn trả lời câu hỏi. Đây là những dạng bài thường gặp trong đề thi cuối kỳ, cuối năm, thi học sinh giỏi. Hi vọng những bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 dưới đây sẽ giúp ích cho các em trong quá trình học và luyện tiếng Anh.


I. Complete each of the sentences with the appropriate word from the box. Make changes if necessary.

embarrass                personal              idol                  excite               imagine

memory                    embrace             sneak              fuss                  experience

  1. A lot of teenagers make Bi Rain their ________.
  2. The task needs the skills of a suitably ________ engineer.
  3. She smiled to hide her slight ________.
  4. I ________ prefer Pizza to hamburgers.
  5. The romantic evening cruise will be a ________ experience.
  6. They left quietly, without ________.
  7. I have a ________ suspicion that she knows more than she’s telling us.
  8. They were locked in a passionate ________ on the station platform.
  9. Don’t get the children too ________.
  10. I haven’t got a picture of this so you’ll just have to use your ________.
  11. Complete the passage with the correct verb form.

(1)_________ (you/ ever/ be) in a cable car? Well I have. Last February, I (2) ________ (go) on a ski strip to Switzerland. What a trip! The first morning, I (3) ________ (get) into a cable car. I (4) ________ (want) to go to the top of the mountain and (5) ________.The cable car (6) ________ (start) up the mountain. I (7) ________ (look) down, and it was so beautiful. Then there (8) _______ terrible noise. Suddenly the car (9) _______ (stop). It (10) ________ (not move), and there was quiet everywhere.

It was cold, and it (11) _______ (begin) to get dark and snow. I (12) ______ (be) alone for one hour, two hours. I thought, “They (13) ________ (forgot) me!” At last the car started back down the mountain. It went very fast. “Sorry” a man said when 1 (l4) ________ (climb) out of the car. “We (15) ________ (never/ have) this problem before. Please, try again tomorrow.” “He (16) ________ (joke),” I thought. “I (17) ________ (have) enough of cable car for a lifetime.”

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III. Cross out any improbable answers.

  1. I’ve understood/ I understand biology a lot better now that we’ve got a new teacher.
  2. I went/ had gone to see a Formular One race last week, but I admit/ I’m admitting that I don’t know much about cars.
  3. Do you find/ Have you found it difficult to concentrate on your work with this music on?
  4. We’ll do/ We do our best to get the computer repaired by next week, but we won’t guarantee/ we don’t guarantee it.
  5. I’ve just started/ I just started to learn how to drive. Now I’m knowing/ I know how difficult it is.
  6. She says that she wasn’t in the kitchen when the bottle was smashed / smashed, but I refuse/ I’m refusing to believe her.
  7. I’m certainly agreeing/ I certainly agree with you that people shouldn’t drink and drive.
  8. I know the company made/ has made a loss this year, But I won’t apologize/ I don’t apologize for that.
  9. It’s very difficult for us to get jobs here, so we’re considering/ we consider emigrating to Canada.
  10. Since I has won / won the lottery, my telephone didn’t stop/ hasn’t stopped ringing. People phone / are phoning to ask how I spend / I’m going to spend the money.
  11. In tonight’s World Cup match, France currently beat / are currently beating Germany 2-1 with five minute of the match to go. If the score remains/ is remained the same it will be the first time Germany lost/ have lost to France since 1998.
  12. Beckham passes/ is passing to Giggs who shoots/ is shooting just over the bar. Manchester United attack/ are attacking much more in this half…
  13. goes/ She’s going up to this man and looks/ looking straight into his eyes. He’s not wearing/ He doesn’t wear his glasses, and he’s not recognizing/ he doesn’t recognize her…
  14. I have gone/ went to a concert yesterday in the Town Hall. In the middle of it, while the orchestra played/ was playing a man suddenly was standing/ stood on his seat and starting/ started to conduct them…
  15. This man plays/ is playing golf when a kangaroo bounds/ is bounding up to him, grabs/ grabing his club and hits / hitting his ball about half a mile…
  16. Complete the sentence using these pair of verbs. Use the past simple or past progressive.
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come – show; get – go; break – ski; live – spend; look- see; look – slip; start – check in; add – taste; go off – light; not listen – explain; push – run; write – drive; shut – start; come – put; take – place .

  1. The smoke alarm ________ when he________ a cigarette under neath it.
  2. Just as I ________ into the bath all the light ________ off.
  3. When I ________ in Paris, I ________ three hours a day traveling to and from work.
  4. She ________ more salt to the soup, and then it ________ much better.
  5. Helen ________ her leg while she ________ in Switzerland.
  6. When the taxi ________ I ________ my suitcase on the back seat.
  7. A friendly American couple________ chatting to him as he ________ at the hotel reception.
  8. I bumped into Mary last week. She ________ a lot better than when I last ________ her.
  9. It was an amazing coincidence. Just as I ________ to Anne, she________ to my house to come and see me
  10. I ________ the windows as soon as it ________ to rain.
  11. My boss _____ into the office just as I ______ everyone my holiday photos.
  12. He _______ the cake out of the oven and ________ it carefully on the table
  13. When his mother _______ in the other direction Steve ______ away quietly.
  14. She________ open the door and________ into the room.
  15. I can’t remember how to answer this question. I must confess that I _______ while the teacher ________ it to us.
  16. Complete these sentences using the verb given. Use the past simple or the past perfect.
  17. As Geoff was introduced to Mrs Snape, he ________ (realize) that he ________ (meet) her before.
  18. During the previous week, I ________ (go) to the gym every morning.
  19. By the time I _____ (get) back to the bathroom, the bath ______ (overflow).
  20. The boy told me that he ________ (lose) his train ticket and ________ (not/ know) how he would get home.
  21. I was just about to leave when I ________ (remember) my briefcase.
  22. She _______ (walk) into the station only to find that the train _____ (leave).
  23. At the conference, scientists reported that they ________ (find) a cure for Malaria.
  24. On my last visit to Wixton I ________ (find) that the village ________ (not change) much.
  25. In a surprise move, the Prime Minister ________ (resign) last night.
  26. Jane didn’t want any dinner. She ________ (eat) already.
  27. When she _______ (come) into the hall, everyone _______ (start) cheering.
  28. After they ________ (eat) all the food, they ________ (pick) up their bags and left.
  29. I thought I would get to the restaurant first, but Jim _____ (arrive) before me.
  30. By the time I ________ (get) to the party, most people________ (go) home.
  31. As soon as I _______ (turn) the ignition key, the engine ______ (catch) fire.
  32. Choose the correct answer.
  33. After Jessica ____ her degree, she intends to work in her father’s company.
  34. will finish b. finishes c. finished                     d. is finishing
  35. As you ________ your car at the moment, can I borrow it?
  36. don’t use b. didn’t use c. aren’t using             d. haven’t used
  37. When she saw a snake at her feet, she ________.
  38. screamed b. was screaming c. had screamed                 d. screams
  39. When he realised that I ________ at him, he ________ away.
  40. looked – was turning b. was looking – turned
  41. was looking – was turning d. looked – turned
  42. I ___ the new Harry Potter book now, so you can borrow my copy if you like.
  43. finish b. am finishing
  44. have finished d. had finished
  45. I was sure that I ________ him before.
  46. met b. had met
  47. have met d. was meeting
  48. Before I started the car, all of the passengers ________ their seat belts.
  49. will buckle b. had buckled
  50. was buckling d. have buckled
  51. The minute I got the news about Sue I ________ my parents.
  52. phoned b. was phoning
  53. had phoned d. have phoned
  54. A lot ________ since I last ________ you.
  55. happened – saw b. happened – have seen
  56. has happened – saw d. has happened – have seen
  57. Your eyes are red – ________?
  58. did you cry b. have you been crying
  59. have you cried d. do you cry
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Hi vọng với các bài tập tiếng Anh trong chương trình tiếng Anh lớp 11 kể trên sẽ giúp các em học sinh ôn luyện và học tiếng Anh hiệu quả hơn.

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